Toilet Roll Owl

The girls wanted to play at the playground after school yesterday. But, playground at 2pm? And under the blistering sun? No, thanks! 
Since I had to work in the evening, which meant NO PLAYGROUND for them yesterday, I had to suggest something to ‘compensate’ their lost. So, craft was what we did in the warm afternoon, safe from the glaring sun rays and with the fan blowing at us. :p
Here’s sharing the little activity we did – Toilet Roll Owl.
Step 1: Press down 2 sides at one end of the toilet roll. 

Step 2: Wrap the toilet roll with felt

Renee working on hers…
… while I work on mine.

Step 3: Let’s decorate! Let your creative juices flow.

Here’s my owl’s wing. I agar agar  cut out the shape of a cartoon wing.  Looks more like a cloud to me. 
I used buttons to make the owl’s eyes. Renee however, preferred the googly eyes.
Ta-ahhh! Our colourful little owls.

And, it was playtime! 

humm… any resemblance to the owl our storybook?
Let’s draw the owl’s home..
Hoot hoot! goes the owls under the yellow egg yolk moon!
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