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Shanice was out with her daddy for a sleepover in school and Nat slept early last night. It was a perfect time to bond with Renee alone, a much needed time alone with meimei. I got her to plan what she would like to do together, and she said craft and tv. Seemed easy enough to me and so we went ahead with a quick soda can craft followed by tv time.

It was Renee’s idea to do something with the soda can I brought home earlier yesterday. We’d shared the soda among the 4 of us (the kids and me). As soon as the can was emptied, she asked if she could keep it, then happily washed and dry it before returning it to the dinning table. I was more than happy to work with the soda can since it was quite an eyesore, sitting on the otherwise (reasonably) neat dinning table. Much to my dismay, the little girl had no intention to keep it in her room.

I managed to find some leftover ice-cream sticks, colour paper and ribbons, and decided to put them together. Perhaps, influenced by the MH370 news which is all over social media, or restricted to the materials we have, we eventually made a little aeroplane. Our thoughts and wishes are with MH370. We hope it will be found soon. The news spreading around the media varies – some disturbing, some bizarre. The latest I read suggested that the plane might be hijacked. It isn’t an all bad news to me, cos it means there may be still hope – and I hope the truth would come to light soon. God bless MH370 and all the families and friends who are waiting agonizingly.

On a lighter note, here’s the little recycling craft we did with our soda can. It’s a Pepsi by the way :) We do not have it often at home and so it was a treat to the kids!

Here’s how the happy can became happier…

Roll soda can up with colour paper
Paint ice-cream sticks.
Fix the sticks to the soda can with glue (and/or tape) and colour paper strips
We used 2 sizes of ice-cream sticks, the bigger ones for the front wings and tail at the back, and the smaller ice-cream sticks for the back wings.
I tied a simple bow and stick it to the can to make the propeller. Ain’t it pretty? :)
Decorate it further if you like to.

And voila! Here’s our little aeroplane!

A prettier photo of it taken this morning. It’s always easier to take photos in natural light :)
While Renee enjoyed making it, Nat was more than happy to have a new toy plane. What a win-win!
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