When I grow up, I want to be…


“Mamee, I know what I want to be (when i grow up), I want to be…”

And mummy was anticipating something grand. I thought to myself, “Doctor? Lawyer? CEO? Teacher?…”
After the longest split of a second, my little girl announced her ambition gleefully, “… a Mamee!”
Jaw dropped. Eye widened, and I am pretty sure my eyeballs were at the verge of popping out . 
A mommy?
It took me a while to digest the thought and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it then. I guess I got a glimpse of how my mum felt when I decided to bid my corporate career goodbye to focus more on the kids.
I can almost hear a little voice in my head, “A mother? I gave up so much for you to be a… mother????” *tight slap* Isn’t that what I strives daily to be – a decent mother to this little girl standing in front of me? Speaking of double standards, ha. 
Yes, being a mom isn’t a profession per se – you don’t need a BA, MA or PHD. Scientifically, you just need to be able to conceive and delivery a baby to be a biological mother. But mothering a child goes beyond childbirth. And though, we do not need to be qualified to conceive a child, it does takes a lifelong of learning to mother a child. I guess, we can think of it as reversed qualification – you got the job before you know how to deal with it then spend the rest of your life learning, re-learning, unlearning and learning again.
It is perhaps the most rewarding, yet most depreciating job on earth. Though the reward is pure love, but let’s face it, we will never love our parents the way we love our children. It doesn’t mean that we do not love them, or care enough. It’s just the dynamics of relations- our children cannot love us, the way we love them.
Yet indeed, being a mother to my kids is what I desire to do well at. And I hope my little girl’s saying this because she *coughs* admires me *coughs, beams, coughs*, and values my contribution to the family (yeah! I am pretty (only pretty) awesome!)
So, darling, you wanna be a mom? Cool, let’s work on our ABCs first, you’ll need to teach your kids someday, just like what I’m trying to do now :)

Baby, mummy wants you to be happy. Now, and always.

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