At Home with Art – Art Loft Launch Event

I love my home. 
There are way to many reasons to love about it and here’s one of them.
Home is where I want to find myself and lose myself at the same time. And, a little (or more) art pieces around can only make it a more conducive place for just that. 

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ― Thomas Merton

#HomeIsWhereTheArtIs was the official hashtag for Art Loft Launch Event. “How appropriate!”, I thought. Unlike the huge and formal museums and galleries, Art Loft is a cosy and warm home for budding Asian Artists to showcase their works. 
What I absolutely love about this space – 
No need for much formalities, don’t go in a suit or tie, look at it as visiting a friend’s home – this is home of asian art. 
I’ll play pretend host here, and walk you virtually around the place. 
~ The view from Level One ~
Art Loft is a shophouse along Crane Road. The space is a fusion of colours and elements, merging pieces of traditional art with modern architectural features. The result is an intriguing yet comfortable juxtaposition.
~ Let’s go play along the Corridor ~
Take a little walk along the corridor and you will find art at play in vibrant colours. 
Playful works by our very own Singaporean Artist, Eeshaun.
See more of his works here.

Right over at the corner are thought provoking pieces that demand your response. Love them or hate them, these inquiring works evoke emotions like sirens in the dark.

Works by Debbie Ding and Patrice Ganda
See more of Debbie’s works here, and more of Patrice’s works here.

~ Come closer, come upstairs ~
Up the spiral stairs and into the living space. Here you’ll see art living and breathing, coming alive on the walls and intertwining with objects of our daily lives. 
 ~ Living in the Living Room ~

Ten Years Of Work for Every Minute on Stage by Tan Zi Xi.
See more of this collection here.
“Cloud” series by Leo Liu Xuanqi
They shout “POP POP POP POP Art!” blatantly off the wall!
I love the bright pastel colours contrasting with the black and white icon of popular culture. I could almost hear the dialogue between the rubber duckie and Perrier – The ordinary duckie bathing in the limelight, seemed to be mocking “Looks who’s more popular now?”

~ Feel the heat in the Kitchen ~

Food for thought
Beautiful works sitting casually on the kitchen work-top make a welcoming sight. As if saying “Hey, look at us, we are freshly produced here, in Asia!”
The kitchen is a place that feeds – feed what you love and it will grow, starve it and it dies, it is an universal rule. So, if you love art, and plan to get some artworks for your home or office, be sure to support our Asian artists :)
~ Into the bedroom ~
Photo credit: Art Loft Co

Cuddle in bed and enjoy the candilious Mandala Series by Stefanie Hauger – a sure-fire way to drift into a sweet dream!

Works from the Mandala Series by Stefanie Hauger
See more of her works here.
50/50 of 2 separate works in Stefanie Hauger’s Mandala Series.
See more of this series here.
~ Come on, and online: The Virtual Room ~
Art Loft is online, available to you virtually anywhere and anytime. It’s benefits however, transcends from digital to reality with a few quick clicks on your keyboard. 
Here’s what you can do, at your fingertips:
1. Select
With about 500 pieces available on their portal, you are in for a visual feast as you click away in the comfort of your on home or anyway. 
Not sure what the artwork is about? Fret not, the portal include descriptions of every work and introductions of every artist, so you can appreciate the works deeper than what please the eye. 
2. Buy
See something you love? No need to break your bank to prove your love, Art Loft offers prints at affordable prices. Just follow your heart, pick and click, and your love will be delivered to your door step. Simple as that. 
3. Rent
So you think you like something but not sure if it would fit in well. Or maybe, you like variety, and would prefer to change the style of your living space with the seasons. Art Loft has just what you need – Art rental service. Rent it now, then decide if you want to keep it later! 
4. Send it or buy it from overseas
Art Loft delivers world-wide. Delivery is free for selected regions
~ The Deal ~

Get a 10% discount promocode when you sign up for a free Art Loft account.
Now, wait no further, hop over and say HELLO to Art Loft!

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