Cereal-iously Fun-Packed Coin Purse


What to do with empty cereal boxes?
Here’s a pretty fun idea to upcycle them into fancy little purse for your little ones.

You will need:
1 empty fun-pack cereal box
Some felts (2 matching colours)
3M Picture Hanging Strip
Double-sided tape and craft glue
Stapler and Scissors

 Step 1: Measure 4cm from the first fold from the top and draw a line

Step 2: Cut off the top flaps

Step 3: Cut along the line on 3 sides, leave one of the wider side uncut

Step 4: Make a depress fold on both sides, then cut away 3 sides of the buttom flaps, leave 1 of the wider flap uncut

Step 5: Tuck in the remaining bottom flap and fold down the top flap

Step 6: Gather strips of felts at the sides of the purse and tape them down with double-sided tape.
Step 7: Wrap the purse with felt
Step 8: Cut a small strip of 3M picture hanging strip and stick them onto the purse with craft glue
You may want to further secure the bottom picture hanging strip with stapler.

And we are done!

Mix and match the colours of your choice to create pretty looking purses
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