If I could go back in time

Have u seen the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife”? 
I’ve not. But I’ve got the novel sitting on my bookshelf, patiently waiting for me to read it.

I’ve always liked the concept of time travelling. As a child, I hoped earnestly to go into my future and escape from some not-too-rosy situations at home. I had also imagined myself going back to my childhood having learned all the knowledge i needed to do exceptionally well in my exams.

Now, at 31 yo, this is what I would like to do if I could time travel – I would go back to my childhood as an adult and rescue the little me. Nope, not just to help me pass my exams with electrifying colours (though, if I were to time travel, might as well, right?). Rather, to take me away from pain, to be that fairy godmother I’ve always wished for, but never came to me in my childhood.

See, my childhood is the darkest period of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, my parents are good people. Let’s just say bad things can happen to anyone. I grew up in an abusive environment. There is a very sad and dark child in me. And I have learned that she will always be a part of me. I have also learned over the years, and through the baptism of tears to be finally reconciled with her.

She seems to be needing much attention today as a lunch time conversation with my colleagues called her out of the shadows. Now it sounds kinda eerie, I know. It is never a rosy picture for anyone who has been through some kind of abuse. There are some things that time doesn’t erase – though the wounds have healed, the scars remain. The dark little girl now sits quietly in a corner of my heart – a constant reminder of what it was like and what I should never allow to happen to my children.

Looking at her now, if she were to be standing right here, right now, I would have seek help for her. Back then, though I wailed and shouted for help, no adult I met knew how they could help or where to turn to for help. 

Perhaps being Asian, we are afraid to be known as busybodies. Poking into others family matters has never been a recommended thing to do. We are taught from young, to mind our own business, to not interrupt in others matter uncalled for. These are not bad teachings, but we need to draw a line somewhere, between being a busybody and being bo chup. We need to weigh in the possible consequences of walking away from a possible case of abuse.

If you hear a child (or anyone) wailing and something tells you that it might be something bigger than a major melt-down, call the neighbourhood police.

If you are a person suffering from abuse or domestic violence, don’t wait for someone to save you, take active steps to end your nightmare. If you are a child, tell an adult you can trust – a parent, a teacher, or someone from your extended family. If you don’t have anyone to turn to, scroll down this post and you will find a the ComCare Helpline.

If you are the adult a child turns to. Please, don’t walk away. 
Be that busybody, that somebody that might save a child. Please, don’t walk away. 

Here’s a message from MSF:

If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, seek help early. 
For more information, please visit www.stopfamilyviolence.sg

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I wrote it because I feel strongly for the cause.

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