Plastic Bottle Snowflake Charm


Do you want to make a snowflake?

We do! ‘Cos we are all snow-struck by Frozen. The song is ringing in my head, even as I am trying to blog now…

It’s so easy to make this snowflake charm, all you need is an empty plastic bottle, a correction pen, a cutter, a length of string and 10 minutes. Yes, you heard it right, 10 minutes :) But if you have a little more time to do something more elaborated, here’s the post where I got the idea from:

Here’s my stripped down version:

Cut out the base of a plastic bottle
Trace the pattern out with correction tape
Add in some details to make it look more like a snowflake
Make a hole on the side of the charm and tie a string to it.

Ta-dahh! Your every own snowflake charm all in 10 minutes! Here’s my Renee with her charm.

Renee and her snowflake charm.
She traced out the shape of the snowflake with some help from mummy :)
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