Seize the day

I should be seizing the night to catch up with work or get some sleep before my youngest wakes up for milk, but instead I find myself here – I have an exceptionally strong urge to blog tonight- so strong that I can’t ignore.
It has been a very eventful week. Being in the party entertainment line, my weeks are generally and mostly eventful and full of events. This week however, wasn’t the usual kind of event-full week – It is the last week my friend’s children get to see their dad. Tomorrow would be his final journey and he is survived by his wife and 3 young children. 
The news of his passing came unexpectedly and soon spread out among our friends. Everyone was shocked. He was so young, so driven and full of ambition. We weren’t close friends, though we used to see each other in office everyday for a few years. I remember him as a generous man, a loving father to his children, a family man. 
I attended his wake with a couple of friends. I went forward to see his face. We haven’t met for a long time and that would be the last. The coffin was white with glossy finishing, very apt for his classy taste. One of the little cards his children drew for him  read “I love daddy” rested on top of his white coffin. The atmosphere was still, but something about the cards stirred up something within me. I left the casket feeling a mix of emotions and a couple of questions weighed in my mind.
How could this happen? How is the family going to cope with this? And the kids, so young… 
The picture of the family portrait he used to place on his work desk comes to mind.  How could something so tragic happen to the picture perfect family I used to see in the dark blue photo frame? Life, why are you so unpredictable? 
We, humans are so small, so helpless in the big picture of the universe. We do not know our future, what would happen tomorrow, when would be our last breath. What if this is the last moment, what would others remember us for? Who and what would matter? 
Having just fought and ended a cold war of 2 weeks with my husband. The news hit me like a wake-up call. What if we didn’t manage to patch things up in time? Wouldn’t I live or leave with bouts of regrets? You bet. 
Life is too short, too unpredictable to be unhappy. Cherish what we have, love deeply, live passionately and seize the day, everyday. For we know not the time and hour, the season and purpose of each passing moment – the now, may be the last.

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