Sitting on the Windowsill – A food review


I have looked out of the window, many time, very often. This time, however, a friend got me to look into a window and I was captivated every moment after…

Have you been to Windowsill In The Woods? It’s a cafe along Horne Road. It’s cosy and lovely and they serve kick-ass pies.

I am a visual person, so the first time that caught my attention was the furnishing.

Whimsical little decorations hanging down from the ceiling.  
Who would say ‘No’ to such a cute signage?
The view from inside
Check out their SMEG fridge! I want it in my living room!!

Now, I think I hear you say “Can we look at the food already?”
And yes, this is still a food post :)

Here are their kick-as pies:

From left to right: Grasshopper, Banana Almond Brittle and Strawberry Lemon

Grasshopper is basically chocolate and mint. As for the others, their names are pretty self-explanatory.

Also from left to right: Coconut Lime Vodka and S’mores

If you are a Vodka fan, Coconut Lime Vodka is one pie you cannot miss. I was never a big fan of Vodka until I was deprived of anything alcoholic since my first pregnancy in 2007. I had my 2 other children in the following 2 and 4 years. I breast-fed my children for a total of 45 months in 3 installments – so yes, I was very deprived, and YES, I cherish every taste of Vodka and Gin (and wine and cocktails, but not beer) I get to enjoy, now that I am over with breastfeeding and childbearing.

Now, back to the pie, it has generous dose of vodka in every slice, I love it! A friend of mine however commented that it gets a little too ‘over’ after the first bite, so be warned, especially if you have a low threshold for intense and consistent taste.

I was very glad to catch-up with 3 old friends in this cosy cafe. Thank you Man, for the recommendation and treat :)

Where are the kids? Erm, I, erm, left them at home with the husband and went out on my own. :)

This super big bear remains me of my kids. *guilty* So bringing them for some pies soon.

Want more pies? Check out their selection of pies here:

78 Horne Road
Singapore 209078

Opening hours:
Tue-Thur: 11am – 9.30pm
Friday: 11am – 10.30pm
Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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