My Tree House – World’s 1st Green Library for Kids

Have you been to My Tree House? It’s the first green library for kids in the world! Yes, you heard it right, not only is it the first in Singapore, the first in South East Asia or Asia, it’s the first in the whole wide WORLD!

My life with 3 kids pretty much revolve around school, work, enrichment classes and our home. I try not to wander too far from our neighbourhood on weekdays since I can’t drive (yet) and hubby’s at work most of the time. So we pretty much frequent the heartland malls and I cannot be more thankful for our neighbourhood library. It’s one of my favourite place to go with kids for a good read, play pretend shopping for books (but never need to pay a penny for any) and sometimes to chill off the afternoon heat with some free aircon! (yes, I am cheapo. I won’t deny that :p ).

You probably figured out by now that I do not know much about the rest of our island.
So how did I find this little green gem at the heart of Singapore? I didn’t :). Shanice came home with a brochure about the green library from her class excursion to the Central Library. She was all excited about this super cool library she visited. she couldn’t stop talking about the plastic bottle lights, a tree house and some tree trunk she saw there. I must say she was a good sales person, cos both her sister and I were sold and I agreed to bring them there.

Train ride to the Central Library

Shanice was more than willing to be our tour guide, and then she realized that she had forgotten her way there. Lolx.

Asking for directions at the information counter.

So down to Basement 1 and into the Green Library we went.

Everything about the library is beautiful and the girls were especially drawn to the tree house at the center of the library.

Hum, I reckon 1 me probably equate to 3 small kids. I’d better stay on the ground on busy days. 
Check out the Story time at the Tree House
Up on the Tree House
“I want to borrow these.”
“and I want to borrow these.”
Down from the tree house and everywhere around, wonders awaits the little explorers in this little whimsical forest.

Look up for fancy decorations! So, these are the plastic bottle lights Shanice was talking about…
and this is the “some tree trunk” that can tell the weather. 
Check out the baby and toddler corner. You can find parenting books here too!
Shelves decorated with lovely crafts. 
Origami flowers pinned on yellow tree branches.
Look at these adorable characters made of newsprint. 
Spotted Super Mario! He’s made of cardboard boxes!
Right beside Mario and the magic mushrooms are books on environmental issues. 
Shanice signed up as a Library member with her student pass and got to borrow books with her new card for the first time.

We learned something new at the counter.
Never paid much attention to the icons on the book labels, but now we know what they mean. 
There’s a Borrowing Station in the Green Library. Placed at Kids-friendly height, children can borrow books all by themselves.
We left the library with 4 books, 2 hungry kids and 1 new library card that day. Off we went for some tea before heading home on the mrt. What a fun-packed day!

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