Flying with Super Heroes – Singapore Cable Car


Imagine you were standing at the peak of Mount Faber, 100 metres above the sea. 

Photo by  Mount Faber Leisure Group
The buzzing city under your feet, you turned to your side and there they were…
Super heroes on a mission to save the world! 
You thought that was AWESOME… 
and then you lifted up your head and saw…
“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!… It’s Superman!” and more, he was flying with Singapore Cable Car! 
Yes, that was how thrilled the kids were. They were not just boarding the cable car for the first time, they were on their first mission with the Super Heroes.
We started the day having breakfast and crafting capes fit for super heroes at Spuds & Aprons. 
Breakfast, the super hero style – My super baby having his super hero cupcake.

After breakfast and a presentation by the organizers, it’s crafting time!

That’s me trying to show Chubby what we were going to make.
Photo by  Mount Faber Leisure Group
Because Chubby only recognized Superman, I had little choice but to make a Superman cape for him.  
Chubby sticking the pieces together.

I cut out the pieces and got Chubby to help with sticking them together.

This is my Super Hero!
Photo by  Mount Faber Leisure Group

Upon donning his cape, Chubby started his super hero duties right away – zooming around the dining room and making friends with other super heroes. 

When Superman met Batman…
Photo by  Mount Faber Leisure Group
They cheered and rooted for their respective themed cable cars, not knowing that there wasn’t a competition. :p
Photo by  Mount Faber Leisure Group
Who’s cooler? Superman or Super baby?
Cape checked, Super hero attitude checked. Off we went to save the world on Singapore Cable Car!

Chubby and I, with the world at our fleet and Superman by our side. Woo hoo!

After our joy-ride, the girls and daddy came to join us for more fun together.  They had ballet classes earlier thus, were only able to join us in the afternoon.

The girls made their capes at the craft booth.

Chubby defeated the Joker
and had his Super Heroes Tattoo done.

Then, off we went for more cable car rides with all 3 kids!

We downloaded the free ‘Fly with Super Heroes’ app and had much fun taking photos with it. 
This app is available on both Google Play and iTunes
The Super heroes came to live when we pointed the phone at the QR codes on board. 
We had so much fun at Mount Faber that day. Thank you Singapore Cable Car for having us, the kids had a ball of a time flying with Super Heroes and enjoying the scenery. 
Happy kids on Singapore Cable Car
If you are keen on a Singapore Cable Car ride, here’s a good reason to do so during to June Holidays: 
June School Holiday Activities – The love for comic books is cultivated from a young age, so a series of Super Heroes-themed fringe activities has been planned for the young ones (and the young at heart!) on weekends. Other highlights include meet-and-greet sessions with the characters, an interactive motion experience, exclusive campaign merchandise and more. Visit for more details.
Ticketing information here:
The DC Super Heroes Cable Cars are here till March next year (yes, not forever). So, be sure to catch them before they fly away. 

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