Bleeding during pregnancy – week 14 and 5 days

It’s half past 5am now and I am wide awake. O the peacefulness of the wee hours when the kids are all asleep. The gentle snoring beside comforts my troubled soul. How I adore my chubby little boy.
It’s a pity I can’t seem to go back to sleep cos I know full well that I am so going to pay for this when the kids are awake. It’s Sunday! No work for me today but I’m not expecting much rest. My helper is on leave today so I’d better be prepared. After an incident last Sunday, now i look towards Sundays with much fears.
I was out with hubby and kids last Sunday, doing our usual grocery shopping at JB. We usually plan outings on Sundays cos with the kids out, it means less cleaning at home.
Last Sunday wasn’t a regular Sunday. I usually have 1 or 2 face painting gigs to attend to. My gigs are usually no longer than 2 hours so I still have time with the kids. But it wasn’t just unusual that business has been bad lately, something else happened – I was bleeding excessively and suddenly. The flow came when I was helping Chubby with his diaper change. It caught me totally unguarded. We were in a restaurant and our food had yet to arrive!
The flow came with cramps which wasn’t helping the situation – 3 hungry kids and 2 helpless adults in a foreign land. We fed the the kids, stuffed some food down our throats and rushed to the causeway.  Thank God, the jam was manageable, we were expecting worse situation as it was eve of Hari Raya. Sam hurried home and left the kids with out helper (she was home by then) before sending me to KKH.
It was our second time there is 3 weeks. I was bleeding (but not as heavy as this round) at about week 12 and was hurried to KKH too. I was given injection and hormone pills then.
The doctor examined me and I couldn’t be happier to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The diagnosis – no active bleeding at that point, baby’s heartbeat found (pew), cause of bleeding unknown (puzzling). All in all, it was known as “threaten miscarriage” same diagnosis as the other time. No injection needed this round, I was prescribed with 3 doses of hormone pills daily for 2 weeks and given 3 days MC. 
The 3 days MC wasn’t utilized. I work from home most of the time which was manageable and the following day is a public holiday. But there was a meeting scheduled on Tuesday which was rather important. Not wanting to miss it, as it would impact the project timeline, I went anyway but went home after the meeting.
After what happened last Sunday, no outings were planned for today. We will try as much as possible to stay in. And I shall try (again) to get some sleep now before the kids wake up.
Wish me well  :)

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