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I recently picked up a new hobby – crochet. As you know, I was ordered by my Gynae to rest more, due to 2 occasions of heavy flow and constant spotting since week 12 of my current pregnancy. I’ve since cut down on work that requires me to travel and used the time I spend lazing around to pick up a new skill. I learned the basics from Youtube and then improvised to create booties for Peanut (my little bun in the oven).

On the days when I bled more and worries overwhelmed me, I tried to divert my attention from worrying to creating. I found comfort creating booties and beanies, imagining how they would look and fit on my baby. Sometimes I would weep and smile to myself. On a few occasion the girls would ask what happened and I couldn’t quite explain myself.  
When the spotting finally stopped at week 19, I was relieved but only for a couple of days until a scan revealed a 4cm blood clot in my womb. I would have tortured myself to death digging into horrid articles on pregnancy blood clot in the internet if not for the assurance from my Gynae (only a day after the scan), that it shouldn’t post a problem, as long as I do not bleed again. Happy me! 
To celebrate our (Peanut’s and mine) little milestone, I am giving away this pair of handmade baby booties on this blog.

New design. I set up to make a pair of ballerina booties, but later decided to try something new instead.
Here’s the results of my experiment.  Do you like the details?
Giveaway starts now till 17 Sep 2014. Simply follow the steps below to participate in the Giveaway:
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Yup, this is the giveaway Facebook Post. Please leave a comment and share it as part of the entry requirement. 
Thank you!
Here are some other designs I did.

I will be making some booties for sale at the Mama’s Bazaar 2014.
I am facepainting for the event and the organizer has kindly agreed for me to bring some of my handmade booties for sale. 
The bazaar is happening on 20 and 21 September at Habourfront Shopping Mall. The Mama’s Bazaar 2014 will be featuring 35 Mumpreneurs’ stalls (my little business, Chubby Fairy will be there too). Please come support us! 
Don’t forget to drop by the facepainting booth. I’ll be there for both days from 11.30am to 3.30pm. 
Hope to seeya!

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