25 Weeks Pregnant: Nesting

Hello Peanut
I hope you had a good time in my womb today. I can feel you moving more often now and that makes me happy knowing that you are well and growing strong.

Thanks to you, our house is filled with excitement and anticipation today. We fixed your new cot this evening, which got your siblings all excited – It was like the count-down just began. Think fixing up the Christmas tree and counting down to Christmas Day… Yup, something like that. The girls couldn’t wait to have you out of my womb and into the cot, while chubby reckoned he could sleep in it first (nah, no way!). 

It’s a tiny cot that doubles up as a bed-side sleeper. Your dearest Auntie Ven found this cot on sale on Qoo10 and I jumped at it because the price was right. I was rather concerned about our sleep arrangement. With 3 other not-much- older siblings around and all demanding to be sleeping with a parent in the room, we need to plan carefully. Tentatively, chubby will sleep with me on the bed while you will sleep in the new cot beside me so that it’s easier for me to breastfeed you in the night.
The cot looks plain. That makes me a little sad just looking at it. But it’s practical, and that’s more important. I hope to cheer it up a little with a mobile toy and decent bedding. I badly want it to be prettier and comfortable to welcome you. 
The mattress that comes with the cot seems too hard for my liking. Daddy has offered to buy a new mattress for you and I cannot be happier. I’ve spent so much money at the recent baby fair, I am feeling rather broke and insecure. Frankly, can’t wait for the next pay cheque to be in. 
Apart from the new cot, mummy also bought a new breast pump, sterilizer, some new infant clothes and nursing wear. I estimate I spent slightly over 1k in total. I am not sure if I am being wise with my expenditure when I should be saving up more. But most of the items we have are from Renee’s birth, some are in such bad condition when I unwrap them from storage, I couldn’t bear to imagine starting a new life with these. 
Most of my work contracts will end before your birth and with me getting bigger and clumsier by the days, I suspect I may need to cut back on face painting pretty soon too. Money (rather, the lack of it) will be an issue if there isn’t enough savings to tie us through the confinement month after your birth. With much consideration in mind, I’ve started hunting for more freelance jobs to help fatten our piggy bank for what is ahead. Hopefully, I would have set aside enough for a month or two to stay home completely with you. 
I am not certain what the future has in store for us. But don’t worry, mummy will make things right. I will try – this I can promise. 

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