Making Bath Time Fun with Grohe Rainshower


What is it like to have 3 kids in the house?
Erm. Chaotic? That’s by the way, an understatement. Apart from chaotic, the other word that comes to my mind is – Repetition. Yes, repeat after me, Repetition. Many of the daily activities (and challenges) at home are repeated a 3 times. We’d repeat the same drill for most routines, like getting the kids into bed, waking everyone out of bed (though most of the time, I prefer to keep them in for a longer time), and getting the kids to bathe.

Yes, bath time in this house is pretty much a bitter-sweet experience (most of the time).
Why so? Cos it takes what seems like a ‘forever’ to get them into the bathroom (sometimes not without a fight), yet it takes another ‘forever’ to get them out of it. Now, imagine repeating this drill 3 times!*argh*
Kids! I wonder why are they programmed this way.

When the kids were little-er, bath time was a lot easier. Little babies don’t put up very good fights – they can’t run out of the bath tub, play with toilet bowl (Chubby!!!), spray water at you or scream into your ears when soap gets into their eyes (even when the label on the shampoo bottle says “NO TEARS”!) – everything they do now.

Despite the challenges, we still pretty much enjoy bath time, after all, it’s a form of water play, right?
Over the years and with every child, we bought toys, and inflatable pool, tubs, bathrobes and flavourful washes. It’s alot of fun for me shopping for a good bath, sometimes I need to be reminded that I am not shopping for myself. :)

Our latest loot would be this Dusty Aeroplane bath toy we got from Nathaniel Toys at the recent Mama Bazaar. I made a point to visit the store for a toy for my Nathaniel. Lolx.

Another notable addition to our bathroom would be this: 

I came home one day and saw this lovely pot of flower on my study desk and went “Ooh lala!”. So pretty right? Wait a minute, what’s up with the hubs? He hasn’t got me flowers for 3 years! (erham!) The last time I smelled flowers was when I gave birth to this boy…

Happy Chubby in his happy Pooh bathrobe. It’s my favourite!. So cute right? I always pull his “ears” when he wears it. 

Upon closer examination, well, not from the hubs. Not surprising -.-.

Mr Foo, if you are reading this post, please do not send flowers to the maternity ward this time round. Those flowers you sent when Renee and Chubby were born were lovely but they are gone. All that’s left are photos. Since Peanut would be our last baby, I demand a real push present – something that sparkles and lasts would be good :) 
Now back to the pot of flower…
It’s not just any pink flower, it is a Rainshower Flower Handshower from GROHE! And it’s O So Pretty! Naturally, the it attracted much attention from the kids. Shanice wondered it it was some toy they could explore, but when I showed them that it was a handshower, they couldn’t wait to try it out! So, it shall be remembered, how this pink handshower, saved me a ‘forever’ that day. Although, it wasn’t their bath time *ptffff*
This new handshower has been with us for a couple of weeks and has proven to be a pretty as well as handy addition to our bathroom.
It makes a perfect mini fountain for Chubby and he loves it!
It’s almost the size of the younger kids’s head so washing shampoo off their hair is a bliss with this handshower. 
Thanks to the gentle “soft raindrop” flow, the water pressure is well controlled and not too harsh for the kids. 

I was told that the handshower comes in various colours! I am glad they gave me a pink one :)
Thank you GROHE, for sending us such a lovely gift!

If you are interested to find out more about the new range of GROHE Rainshower Flowers, here are the urls to their website and FB page:

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