Recycle Craft: Cereal Box and Milk Carton Ukulele

What would you do with three restless children on a lazy day?
Sometimes I bring them out, sometimes I read to them, sometimes I turn on the TV, and sometimes I entertain them with some crafty fun.
Some time back (maybe a few months ago), I made a ukulele for Renee out of cereal box and milk carton. It was an impromptu activity. We looked into our recycling bag and randomly tried to make something out of the items we have. There were plenty, so I took up some, mixed and matched and figured I could make a ukulele for Renee because she had been barking me to buy her one.

This is one craft that I am pretty proud of. It’s easy, mess-free and lotsa fun!
All you will need is:

  • 1 cereal box
  • 1 milk carton
  • 1 ice cream stick
  • rubber bands
  • scissors and lots of tape
Here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: Cut out the bottom of the milk carton and flatten the sides

Step 2: Cut off a portion of the sides of the milk carton. If you are wondering how much to cut off. It really depends how long you want the neck of the ukulele to be. I just agar agar cut of a length of it. While the portion you cut can be arbitrary, please make sure that both sides are equal. so you won’t end out with a lopsided neck.

Step 3: Cut a hole in the center of the cereal box. If you have more time (and patience), you can be creative here and cut out other shapes.

Step 4: Join the neck and the body together with lots of tape.

Step 5: Tie one end of the rubber bands round the ice-cream stick

Step 6: Tape down the ice-cream stick then tie the other ends of the rubber bands together and fasten them with the milk carton cap. And, you done!

Tadahh! A ukulele!

Now, music please!

Renee only got to sit down with her ukulele for a while before her little brother came begging, snatching and crying for it.

The originally intended owner of the ukulele.

Well, Chubby sure knew who he was dealing with. Cos, Renee had a soft spot for him (and he knew it) so… yup, he got want he wanted pretty easily.

The very serious hijacker who was easily forgiven.

Well, if the jiejie allowed, I couldn’t stay angry for long, right?

Chubby playing the make-believe ukulele with all his heart. Mummy’s however, feeling nonetheless serenaded.
“Look baby, that’s a paper moon!”
I am always thankful for Renee’s giving nature. She is often the one to give in a little so everyone can have more fun together. It’s no wonder why she is the center of the 3 pieces – she glues them together. It gets me a little worried sometimes. I fear she may get bullied easily. It’s an irony (I know), how I encouraged the kids to give and share, yet when they do so too easily and too often, it makes me wonder if this is indeed the way to go. I also fear that she may be spoiling Chubby (further). I need a strategy to keep her sweet and sweeten the other two. But that is another story for another day.
For now, I am enjoying the joy of having them playing together in harmony.

My very own rock band!
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