Silver Cross Reflex Product Review: Peanut’s New Pram


We’ve started preparing for Peanut’s birth some time back. We’ve got new cot, new clothes and friends have started sending us pre-loved and new items. We are extremely grateful to friends and family for showering Peanut with gifts (you know who you are, thank you!), he is truly a very blessed child.

Lately, we’ve got a brand new pram fully equipped with newborn accessories for Peanut! And he is only 27 weeks in the bump!

Thank you Mothercare for the kind sponsorship. Chubby’s old pram is pretty wore out (having survived 3 kids from infancy), so we are very glad to have a new pram for Peanut. Coincidentally, the pram is sand in colour, which goes very well with most of the stuff I’ve got for Peanut. I couldn’t be asking for more, really. It felt like something just dropped down from above and fitted into everything – heaven sent :)

Usually, I would research before deciding on my purchases. So the first thing I did when we got the pram was to google about it. The process was nonetheless exciting, especially when it’s such a sophisticated pram. Here’s what I found on Youtube:

I went like “WOAH!”. So cool! Even the kids were excited about it. It was like having a new toy to play transforming with. We couldn’t wait to open it up and play around with it. So, here’s what we did, we fixed it up and brought it up for a little walk around in the park. The girls got their first lesson in babysitting too :)

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to maneuver this 4-wheeler. Even the girls didn’t have any problems moving it around – It was a breeze!

Let’s go for a walk!
What a sunny day! Let’s cover the baby with the hood. 
Easily adjustable handles. I adjusted them to the lowest for the girls to wheel the pram around. 
Reclinable Backrest
The bottom flap is also adjustable to ensure comfort. 
It even comes with a night lights!

Now that the girls are older, I hope to get them more involved in baby care when Peanut’s born.

Shanice swaddled the baby doll up and Renee carefully placed it into the pram. The girls were great at play-pretend. They even spoke gently to the baby doll and cuddled it every so often.

The newborn pack comes with a light-weight pull-up apron which makes a protective blanket for the baby.
Chatting to the baby doll while pushing it for a walk in the park
You can easily transform the pram so that baby faces you. 

Because it’s still more fun to have a real baby in the pram, we put our youngest into it for a trial run too.

Chubby is 3 this year and it still fits well!
You can get a good view of your child from the little window on the hood.
Hello Chubby! Comfy right? Now, come out already. We’ll save this pram for your little bro. But of course, as which most things we have. You can always share :) 

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