[Giveaway] JJ’s Science Adventure: An Award Winning Educational Publication For Kids


Is your child an avid reader or comic fan? If so, here’s a Giveaway you must not miss! JJ’s Science Adventure is giving away a copy of their award winning children science comic to 2 lucky readers on mumcraft.com.

Shanice got a copy of JJ’s Science Adventure for the purpose of this review

Here’s why I would recommend this science comic book for primary school going kids:

Having taught primary science tuition previously, I have seen children struggling to understand science concepts taught in textbooks. Kids have told me that these (the topics taught in school) are uninteresting and of no-value (practical use) to them. Frankly, why would a kid be interested in how plants reproduce or how you classify a frog? The first challenge parents face is to get the child to want to learn science.

The next hurdle is to help children apply the concepts they learned into scenarios (illustrated in test and exams) and articulate them in writing. We are looking at 3 types of skills here – understanding, application and articulation in writing.

There are many ways to help children understand and apply science concepts and improve their language skills, one of which is reading relevant materials. One thing that I appreciate about JJ’s Science comics is that it uses interesting characters and engaging story line to bring out the science concepts.

Check out the colourful characters
Illustration on the practical use of Magnets

The comic book engage children at different levels – from concept presentation to practical application. It also includes additional information in the “Did you know” and “Challenge yourself” sections. In the “Did you know” section, children will learn about additional uses of magnets in real life situations, which links the concepts they have learned in print to reality.

Good to know…
The concepts presented in this comic book are based on MOE Syllabus. The author, Aurelia Tan, is a MOE educator turned writer with a passion to ignite the love of learning in children.

Not a boring moment…
This brightly coloured comic book is a joy to read, thanks to the interesting adventure brought to live by Nicholas Liem, the illustrator. In fact, JJ’s Science Adventure has won the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award 2014 in recognition of it’s high quality illustrations.

Want a copy of JJ’s Science Adventure?
Here’s your chance to have a copy delivered to your home!

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Giveaway ends on 24 November 2014. Winners will be announced on this post and on MumCraft’s facebook page on 30 November 2014.

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