Tickets Giveaway: Let Your Kid Be “Doctor for a day”

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Woohoo! I am super thrilled! The girls are going to be “Doctors for a day” at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital! *jumping for joy!* This is not the first run for the “Doctor for a day” programme – where children role-play as doctors in a real hospital. We didn’t get to go for it the last round but I’ve read about this event from others’ blogs and have been hoping that the girls would get to attend the event someday. And guess what? The “Doctor for a day” programme is back!

And more… We have a pair of tickets to “Doctor for a Day” for one lucky reader. The event details are below:

Date: December 6th/ Saturday
Time: 3.20pm (entire programme runs for approximately 90 minutes)
Kindly note that your child has to be between 5 to 10 years old to participate in the programme.

To participate in this giveaway, please refer to the entry requirement at the end of the post. Thank you! But before that, here’s a good app for your child to experience being “Doctor for a day” instantly! Yay, no need to wait till the programme, it’s just a few taps away and it’s FREE!

Have you heard of the Doctor for a day game app?

Following the overwhelming response for ‘Doctor for a Day’ programme, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital now extends the make-believe experience beyond its wards, with the launch of ‘Doctor for a Day’ App, available for download on iOS tablets as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

It’s Singapore’s first-of-its-kind free edutainment app designed by a healthcare provider where a child can earn points, unlock achievements and win real toys! Different toys will be available for redemption at different period. What’s more assuring is that there are no in-app purchases or pop-up advertisements.

Chubby was privileged to received a set of doctor tools toys some time back. Here’s him giving Peanut a check-up.

The app is commended for children aged 4 to 8, and here’s the list of benefits this apps offers:

  • Instill in children the importance of good personal hygiene by washing one’s hands regularly
  • Allow the child to learn basic surgical techniques and the terminology from the games at OPERATING THEATRES – we highly encourage parents to guide and take their child through each operation.
  • Stimulate a child’s visual memory through the ANATOMY MEMORY game
  • Train the basic motor skills of a child as they tap and glide their fingers across the screen while they play
  • Spark a child’s creativity as they mix-and-match hairstyles and cute accessories to customise their doctor avatar


The app consists of 4 mini games:

  • Operating Theatre:
    Practice easy motor skills and learn more about operating theatre procedures with the little surgeon simulation.
  • Anatomy Memory:
    Stimulate young minds, practice visual memory and learn more about the different parts of the body.
  • My Little Doctor:
    Get the chance to be creative and have fun by dressing up a doctor!
  • *NEW* Pharmacy Panic
    Brand new game – PHARMACY PANIC – where a child takes on the role of a pharmacist and keep all patients happy by dispensing the correct medication in the shortest time possible.

You child will get to have fun playing the role of a doctor in this educational app and take away some good lessons too:

  • Learn correct hand hygiene and washing techniques
  • Learn techniques used in the operating theatre like incise, inject and suture
  • Learn about body anatomy, their medical terms and how it functions in the body
  • More features and games in updates

Sounds like fun? Here’s the link to find out more about the app:

Tickets Giveaway: Let Your Kids Be “Doctor for a day”

We have a pair of tickets to “Doctor for a Day” for one lucky reader!
To participate in this giveaway, simply:

  • Like MumCraft and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital on Facebook
  • Leave a comment here with your name and contact email
  • Share this post on Facebook and tag @MumCraft (aka Chubby Anecdotes – This is the display name; I still haven’t figure out how to update the fb page name to MumCraft yet). Please make the post public (just so that I know).

Giveaway ends on 27 November 2014. Winner will be announced on this post and on MumCraft FB after 2 December 2014.


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