New school year prep: Stuck On You Kids’ Label Stationery


It’s two weeks into December. Did I just hear you say “Already?!”.

Yes, “Already” and I have almost nothing ready for the kids’ new school year. I’ve not got all the books for Shanice and the kids haven’t got their new shoes for school (I was waiting for Christmas sale, and then I was too busy to shop for them). New uniforms? Erm not yet either. But thanks to Stuck On You, I have at least 1 item checked.

The kids received their first early Christmas presents from Stuck On You a few days ago. I got a call from Shanice when I was in office, saying that there was a courier and asking if they (all 3 eager kids) could open it. “Of course not,” they would have to wait for me (wouldn’t want to miss up the fun)! We were expecting the courier and the kids have seen the items from the computer hence the excitement that went on over any deliveries that looked remotely like it might contain new stationery.

The girls posing with their new stationery. Nat was too busy with his for a photo moment -.-!

Check out the kids’ new stationery for the new school year!!! I would be super thrilled if I were a kid.




For Shanice, we’ve got a personalised pocket pencil case and journal. She takes good care of her stationery, so most of the items from mechanic pencils down to colour pencils are in good order, I therefore chose a journal for her to pen down her thoughts. She likes to write and was very thrilled to have a journal with her name printed not just on the cover, but on every page of it.

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Renee got the Tools for School set which comes with every she will need for K2 next year. I wanted to choose a cupcake design for her but the little girl prefers the ballet shoes and so we went ahead with it.


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Nat will be in Nursery next year and wouldn’t need to bring any stationery to school yet. I therefore chose something hardy for him (you know right, boys) to work with at home. The homework pencils set is a delightful box of pencils, eraser, sharpener and little labels to stick on every pencil. It kept Nat busy for a while because it was pretty much a toy to him – sliding it open and closing it again, and labels to stick on the pencils.

The kids and I are very happy with the new stationery from Stuck On You. The customizing process was a breeze too, thanks to the user-friendly website that allows you to pick and match items, picture, icons… down to the font used for printing. Yes, it’s very cool!

If you are keen to find out more about Stuck On You and the amazing personalisable products their offer, here’s the link:

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