[Media Invitation] The Fantastical Story Factory


Children makes great story tellers because their minds know no wonders – even the sky isn’t a limit to their imagination.  Imagine watching a story unfold as the children fill in the set, the characters, the lines, the scenes, and the ending? Wouldn’t that be amusing? Just imagine the cast on stage singing, acting and reacting to the suggestions of the little playwrights in the audience – sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But guess what, these folks did exactly it!

Please pardon my blur picture. I stole this shot in the theater. Please don’t judge me, I didn’t use flash ah. Seriously, how can I not take photos at a media invite leh?

And, they were every bit what “fantastical” is all about. With their music and cardboard boxes, these talented performers took the lead from the children and created a funny and delightful musical which kept the audience spellbound.

The kids and I had a ball of a time at the opening act for The Fantastical Story Factory yesterday. There was never a dull moment, the kids were encourage to contribute to the plot and join the cast on stage for song and dance.

Renee and Nat were so thrilled to join in the fun with the cast on stage, they couldn’t keep still.

The cast were not only great performers, they were also great with kids. After the show, the children were invited to interact and take photos with them.



The Fantastical Story Factory is produced by ABA Productions. It brings the same cast from The Showstopper! The improvised Musical to recreate a family friendly comedy musical. More information here: http://www.aba-productions.com/index.asp

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