I am really busy


Hi! I am a stay-at-home mum. I have 4 kids, 2 platy fishes and a helper, and I am very busy. We live in a 5 room flat, my platy fishes live in a small tank in our 5 room flat. Okay, I know you must be wondering why am I bothered to talk about my platy fishes. Well, cos perhaps, just perhaps, it helps to quality (a little) my busyness to the know-it-alls out there?

Yes, I am in between projects now (I worked freelance and part-time previously) and yes, I do not need to cook or clean, but really, really, I am really busy.

My busy kids helping to sort and fold clean laundry. Not sure if they were much help to our helper, but at least they tried

“But you have a helper, right?”
Yup, my helper helps, but she is 1 helper (and not mother). And, we have 4 kids, and 2 platy fishes.

“You are very fortunate can stay home and sleep all day.”
Yup, very fortunate. And, I do not cook or clean. But, I do not sleep all day. Cos I have better things to do like reading books, doing homework, baby talking, mediating disputes and screaming and sending children to time-out, while trying to generate some income by sewing things for sale, pitching for digital marketing and website design projects and facepainting on weekends. 


I am really busy. And I am too exhausted, to defend my busyness like it is illegal or impossible.

So, what do I do all day? I stay at home, and I am busy.

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