Reach for the stars!

We just celebrated Renee’s 6th birthday over the past weekend. I will be doing up a blog post about it soon, but before that, I would like to pen down today.

Today, I made Renee skip school to have her birthday lunch with me. We set off to Eat. Play. Love cafe, the very same cafe we went last year but it was closed. I did a quick check on their Facebook to be sure that they were open today, packed my diaper bag, and off I went with Renee in one hand and Manny in my baby carrier.

It was almost 1 pm and we couldn’t get a cab. The kitchen closes at 3 pm so we had to hurry. Seeing that the chances of getting a cab was slim, I told Renee that  we will take the mrt to bugis and grab a taxi from there. Renee was feeling thirsty and hungry, and suggested to go somewhere nearby instead. 

With Manny in a baby carrier, and a diaper bag on my back, quite frankly, anywhere more accessible sounded like a great idea! I was more than keen to oblige but a thought hit me then, and it made me insist on our initial lunch venue.

No, it wasn’t about the food, it wasn’t even about the crafts. It was about the experience – to achieve what we set out for. It was about not giving up too easily.

I told Renee that sometimes we need to put in a little more effort to get what we want. I did not make her skip school, packed the diaper bag and brought manny along in a baby carrier for a lunch nearby. She did not put on a pretty dress, got all excited to head for the nearby mall. No, we were not going to settle for the second best. I only want the best for Renee and it was a good opportunity to teach her a valuable lesson.

Turned out we arrived on time for lunch and craft, and had a good time there.




After lunch, we headed to Arab street (which is just near by) for some fabric shopping, and then home for dinner with the rest of the family.


Happy Birthday, Darling! And remember, don’t give up too easily, don’t settle for second best. Aim high, my dear. Reach for the stars!

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