Cupcake’s Big 6!


I don’t know where did all the time go, but we are at the end of august (already?!) and I really have to get this post up before another birthday went un-blogged.

We celebrated Renee’s sixth birthday last month (yes, I know, I am very late), with a party fit for a princess (and a mermaid princess at that). Birthdays are very important days to the kids and to Renee she’s been looking forward to her big 6th birthday for a while. When Shanice celebrated her 6th birthday at an indoor playground 2 years ago, we told Renee that we would do the same (throw a party for her) on her 6th birthday too, as it would be her graduating year in preschool and we would love to have a nice party to let the kids get together and get to know their parents so that we could keep in touch after preschool graduation. Back then, we wasn’t expecting the financial stress we would face today. I have good friends and sponsors to thank for making the party so awesome (and less painful on our pockets). Links to their fb pages can be found in this post, please hit them a like, won’t ya?

As much as we have constraints and budget to work with, I very much wanted Renee to have the birthday party of her dreams; which is a big challenge cos she kept changing her mind, and some of the stuffs she wanted couldn’t go together (or happen concurrently unless I rob a bank *roll eyes*) She wanted a bouncy castle, a magician, a pretty cake, facepainting, playground … and the list goes on. So, we negotiated and worked around, and finally put it together.

We started with venue sourcing. We considered multi-purpose hall, asked friends to help book condo function room (but was booked out), and decided to go for indoor playground. After visiting a few venues, we arrived at Giggles Indoor Playground. That was when the count down began.

We got the class list from Renee’s teacher and the little girl wrote the party invitations.

I was all for keeping things simple and frankly, there ain’t much work for me to worry about, as the goodie bags, food for kids and party programme were taken care by Giggles.



Not a day went by without a mention or hint about the coming big party. The birthday girl and her siblings were extremely excited … and finally, it was the day!

We welcomed one friend after another and the kids quickly warmed up to the play area. They were everywhere, up on the rope bridge, down the tunnel, into the ball pool and at the corner playing dress-up.

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Her big sister was extremely glad to have the company of her best friend, who came to attend Renee’s party too. 


The highlight of the day was the magic show by The Magic Empire. Sherman and I met at Renee’s ex-classmate’s party. I thought he was the best magician I’ve met at children’s party. We were so glad he came for Renee’s party. The little girl was thrilled and very impressed (you could see from the photo below. lolx).



Sherman and his lovely wife, Helen even made a clip of the show:

What’s a mermaid theme party without a mermaid costume? We got ours from My Mini Me. Why buy when you can rent? My mini Me provides kids’ costume rental, so you won’t need to worry about what to do with the clothes after the party!

All smiles, the princess in the pretty mermaid costume and her mermaid cake!

A big thank you to Renee’s friends and their parents who made the effort attend Renee’s birthday party.
Do, Re, Mi…
and the little one.

And, it was a wrap!


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  1. An indoor playground is a great idea to hold a party! Was the entire playground booked out for the party? Ollie’s starting to understand the concept of birthday parties now..yikes. I am dreading the day he asks for a party!
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