Simple Mix Media Painting For Kids


Have you ever stared at an empty wall and wondered if you could get your kids to paint a little something something to spice it up?

I did. On a 16″ canvas though, before it goes up the wall. Here’s the little something something we painted together a year ago (erm, yes, my craft blog backlog goes way back :p)


This is one simple mix media piece that you can try doing at home with your kids too.

Here’s what you need:

  • canvas – as big as you like it
  • acrylic colours
  • paint brushes
  • craft glue
  • assorted buttons – aplenty
  • some tooth picks
  • a length of yarn

Step One: Using a light colour (I like yellow) draft out the main items on the canvas20141005_205628

Initially, I wanted to have few kids playing under the tree but later decided to do without (easier to paint la).

Step Two: Get kids to fill in the colours

IMG_20141006_141425Start with the lighter colours, then slowly build up the shades. To achieve a textured effect, I instructed the kids to dip the paint in short strokes.

Step Three: Once you are happy with the base colours, Start to sort out the buttons and decide on placement


Tip: Add some white dry strokes to the painting to give it a more 3d feel.

Step Four: This is my favourite step. GLUE ON!


Tip: Try to separate similar colours and not have them to close to each other.

Step Five: Lastly, fashion the yarn and toothpick into the form of a swing under the branch.


And we are done!

This project can take hours. You can either split out the steps into a few days or work ton a smaller canvas if you want a complete it faster.


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