What I really do


“So, what have you been up to?”
I hear this alot since I told the “whole wide world” that I went into real estate.

I used to think that everyone knew what agents do… until I became one.

This is what my mum thinks I do…


What my friends think I do…

What my Inlaws and some other friends think I do…


And this is the epic one…
What my kids think I do…


Finally, what I thought I would do…


Which I did enjoyed much free aircon in the showflat, but that is not all…

Learning a new trade is never easy. I must say it hasn’t been all rosy for me. It takes alot to be positive. Sometimes, it feels like a courting game – where what you give and what you receive do not always match up.

I have kept myself busy building my own website >> www.thewisteriacondo-yishun.com (its for a new launch in Yishun), running my own adwords campaign, posting on propertyguru and 99.co, press ads, approaching strangers on the road, and distributing flyers in the neighbourhood.




I also do cold calling and approach co-broke agents to build up my network – In this industry, network and speed are crucial for survival.

In a nut shell, it’s not exactly a very comfortable job: In fact,  it often forces me out of my comfort zone. But it would be worth it, I reckon. :)

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