When 2 good things come together


I’ve been struggling since late last month when we got the news that Nat is offered a place in the new childcare near home. My first thought was ” Wah, what are the chances?”

Childcare in Punggol is almost a sure-win business, I have never seen a childcare in this region that is not fully packed. This being said, I should be jumping for joy now, no? Well, not really. Really.


Flash back to late last year, I put Nat’s name in the waiting list for the new childcare as we were not certain if the current Preschool Nat is attending would provide full chilcare services in 2016 (they were in the midst of planning then).

Nat attends the same preschool as his elder sisters. Our elder girls had good experiences with the school and naturally it was our choice for Nat too. In January, we opted in for extended day care which provides childcare services after normal school hours. All is well, though the boy isn’t too fond of after school care. It would take a while for the boy to get used to being away from home for an extended period of time.

Though we are happy with the school and trust the teachers and staff there, we have a few concerns:

1. The current extended daycare Nat attends ends at 6.00pm. There is no way I could pick him up everyday with my current 4 work-day schedule. My inlaws had offered to help since I started my new job a few weeks ago but we all know that this is not a permanent solution. I would need to arrange for school bus (which is additional cost. Plus, I am not too happy with the of the bus service when the kids were taking the school bus last year).

2. I’ve been struggling to pay the school fees since Jan this year. Of cos I knew it would be so when we started, but there wasn’t other choices then and we needed help with Nat in the day, because I need to work (be it property then, or my current new job). To be frank, I am really broke.

The school principle is the kindest educator one can meet. They took Nat in without charging a deposit and never once demanded or threatened to discharge Nat when our school fees were paid late. On the days no one could help to pick Nat up on time, the administrator (who is also a personal friend) would help to bring Nat home. When Manny fell and I needed to rush him to the hospital in the evening. They principle took Nat put for dinner and bought the boy a new pair of shoes.

My current 4-day work arrangement is a temporal postion. Although I was told that the company generally would  renew contract of staff, it isn’t an official arrangement. And from my past experience working on contract terms, let’s just not be too optimistic la. Temporal as it is, it at least got my covered for a year. I figured if I were to take in some sewing orders on top of my current job, I should be able to let Nat take the school bus to school, but that is a risk as we do not have much buffer month to month. This is where the new preschool comes into the picture, it is cheaper, and within walking distance from home.

I have up to 20th April to decide (that is when  need to register Nat in the new childcare). Meanwhile, I’ve checked on the withdrawal procedure with the current preschool. But we are still sitting on the fence.


I’ve asked the boy on a few occasions on his sentiments for a change… he isn’t keen at all.

What would you do?

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