Sowing Little Victories



Nat has been begging and whining for me to get him a potted plant from Times Book Shop for a while. I finally got him this planting kit last Saturday. I was feeling rather guilty about having to move him from his current preschool to a childcare, plus I just got my pay cheque, so yup, was feeling a little more generous.


We got a Lavender pot, though I wasn’t too sure if lavender would grow in our climate. I have tried to convince the little boy that tomatoes are much cooler (cos they are likely to grow better). But he wasn’t convinced. Lavender it was. And, I figured, surely Times wouldn’t sell it if it won’t grow here right? Now, I am no green fingers. I have done planting projects with his elder sisters – none of the products survivef beyond months. Back then, he was a tiny tod, hence we did not involve him. The pretty lavender pot was his first planting project -imagine the excitement!

I really hope the lavender grows cos it came with a hefty price tag – 30ish for 1. I couldn’t be getting 3 separate pots (that would burn my pocket), hence I told Nat that he was expected to share and take turns with his sisters. He agreed.

Now, sharing isn’t exactly something natural for Nat. It’s very difficult to get him to share or wait for his turn patiently. I was half expecting some drama, half hoping for the best, but I wasn’t expecting what I saw…


After the excitement of opening the kit, Nat poured the soil into the pot but saved some for his sisters to have a go at it too. I was impressed (for a while)… before the trio started arguing among themshelves (again).

“Nat never shares…”
“He is always snatching…”
“Nat always want to go first…”
“Not fair!”

Little did they recall that they were once as little and possessive too.

“But I saw he just offered to share…”
“That was just once…”
“Most of the time he don’t…”

I wanted so badly to defend Nat’s little effort. I wanted to reward Nat for his small good step, but it turned out more like a lecture session for the girls (my bad).

I don’t want to forget and mitigate his effort. So here’s mummy blogging it down to celebrate tis little victory. And someday when he drives me up the wall again, I can revisit this post and look forward to his next small step.

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