Foldaway Bumper Mat


“What can we do to prevent this from happening again?”


We asked ourselves after Manny fell and got a cut under his lips just a few days before the CNY holis. He had just learned to walk and was eager to explore with his new found mobility. While I strongly encourage toddlers to roam around freely at home, I could have been more careful and watchful at that. It was painful to watch Manny going through the trauma and pain – the stitches were nasty, so were the meds. The sibilings too were really worried when I hurried the wailing baby who was bleeding profusely to the hospital.

“We could bubble wrap him!”
“Aiya, put sensor la…”
The girls gave plenty suggestions. Some of them made senses, most of them gave me stitches. Lolx.

We eventually implemented some preventive measures at home, but none of them required sensors or bubble wrap…


We decked the hall with bumper mats. Now, this ain’t just any bumper mat, it’s a Foldaway Bumper Mat which opens up into a full size play mat and folds up nicely into a play yard for the kid when the adults need a short break.

I love how the Foldaway Bumper Mat creates a comfortable and safe area for the baby to play in.



How it folds up into a slope for toy car racing…


and forms a short tunnel for the kids to crawl through. Do only allow kids to play in this format with adult supervision. As the panels are not fixed, better to have someone sitting or holding on to the sides.


Love how the kids look when they were reading comfortably on it.


I love it that the quality of the play mat is safer than some of the stuff Manny puts into his mouth – It’s made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. More information on the Foldaway Rumble Tumble is available on Merrybub’s website here:


Love it more now that Merrybubs is offering all our readers a $50 discount for the Foldaway Bumper Mat. Simply enter the promo code “MUMCRAFT” to redeem the discount when you make the purchase on Merrybubs’ website. Do note that the promotion ends on 3 July 2016, so if to you looking to get a good quality playmat, do hurry :)

“If you’re happy and you know it clap you hand!”
That’s my happy Manny in our happy Foldaway Bumper Mat.

One thought on “Foldaway Bumper Mat

  1. hi,

    Yes this is a fantastic product. I have bought one for my daughter in the UK from here:

    I’ve had it since she was 6 months , in that time she’s learnt to do tummy time, crawl and now at 9month she’s starting to stand up and use the edges to crawl along!

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