Strong Inside To Experience More Together- Manny’s first ride



Please pardon my messy house, it’s not always like that at home. Just so you know, we have clean and tidy moments too – once or twice in a day,  that is when the kids are either out or sleelping.

It’s almost impossible to have the house in tip top condition with 4 kids, but it’s ok for me as long as the kids are happy. I am pretty cool with children playing around the house with their toys and pillows all over, as long as they pack up when they are done, don’t tear the house down and no one gets hurts.


If you ask me, staying and playing at home is a really good idea any time. Imagine the germs in the playground… the risk of catching a cold in the rain or getting bullied by the bigger kids in the park. Yup. I can go on and on but really, there is jus so much we can do in our little flat la. And kids need their outdoor time, space to roam and run and experience more.

Some time back, 3 of my 4 children were infected with Hand Foot Mouth Dieases (HFMD). It’s painful to watch them coping with the early symptoms and then the awfully dull moments being confined at home at the later stage. And there was the post-HFMD phase, the awkward stares when the blisters have dried but the skin was still peeling. And finally the post post-HFMD dillema – not sure if i should allow the kids to play in crowded playgrounds for fear of new infections .

But because it was impossible to bubble wrap the kids and there was just so much we could do indoors, it made good sense to me to build up their strength inside, so that they can experience more outside – and that is what Friso is sharing with parents today.


To promote emotional wellness and inner strength in children, Friso is continuing with its efforts to encourage parents to bond with their
children through fun experiences. Friso Gold 2,3 and 4 also comes with enhanced LockNutri technology which protects the protein in
Friso products from overheating and becoming damaged during the production process. Nutrients in their natural state facilitate
absorption. Provide your little ones with gentle nutrition, so they can be #StrongInside.

From now till 31 May, you can redeem a Friso Powered Ride On Car (that’s our FrisoCar!) worth $369 when you spend $380 on Friso products* at Friso Online, FairPrice, Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant, Seng Siong, Prime Supermarket, Mustafa and Guardian.

You can find more deets on the promotion here:

*This promotion is valid while stocks last. To avoid disappointment, you could call the Global Opus Redemption Centre at 6282-
1555 to find out if there are Friso Powered Rid0e On Cars available for predemption, before heading down. The redemption period is from 7th June 2016 – 31st July 2016.

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