DIY Shopkins Storage Box at $4 


Not too long ago my little girl got hooked on the Shopkins craze. If you are wondering what Shopkins is all about. They are these tiny, cutesy,  colourful figurines ranging from anything you can find in the supermart to anything on the desserts table.

The little girl just celebrated her 7th birthday and to her delight, her doting granny and aunt added 2 boxes of shopkins to her little collection and she instantly became a proud owner of 46 shopkins!

To sort and keep the shopkins comfortable (that’s what she said), she placed them in egg and mochi packages which are grear but we (ok, more the kid than me) would  very much prefer something prettier and more compact so she can pack it along when we visit her granny or aunt.

In search of a solution, I headed to the Daiso store near home and found these…

origami paper storage and divider for a total of 4 dollars

Happily I bagged them and fixed our Shopkin Storage box up in just 20 mins.

Measure width and cut out divider
Fix up dividers
Decorate with washi tape
Now, we are ready to move the Shopkins in!

Tadahh! Check out the Shopkin’s new home!

Renee gave Tiny Tissue a room of her own to prevent her from spreading her “A-Chooo!!” virus to the others. To ensure her comfort, a candy shaped eraser was placed in the room for her to rest on. 😊

My fav part of this solution has to be the little handle. Now, Renee can bring her collection along for playdates 😊

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