Girls’ Room – Revamped with IKEA


It’s has been a long while since I worked on an extensive project like this.  But I am so glad I did cos not only were the girls delighted, the husband was uber pleased.

My brief from the girls was really simple. Shanice wanted something pink and Renee wanted castles and princesses. In fact, Shanice has been begging us to paint her room pink. I have put that off for a long time as I really couldn’t find the time and energy to do such an extensive project (just imagine the paint and mess while Manny roams around) and I suspect it may be too much (and too pink), considering the many objects in the room that are already pink. To keep things simple (and to cut cost), I have contained the mess and got the room revamped with a few tricks. Now, let me show you around.

Idea 01:  Ruffles and Pockets for Curtains

We have this pair of white curtains from IKEA when we just moved in (that was about 5 years ago). To add a little more girlie touch to the room, I’ve chopped the full length curtains to create a layered style with the excess fabric by adding ruffles to the ends.


That’s my Manny trying to help and not spill water on the curtains.
EMMIE RAND fabric from IKEA. $12.90 per meter.
Shanice helping with the curtains.

Apart from ruffles, I have also added huge pockets to the curtains to add a playful touch and to help the girls keep their desks neat.


Idea 02: Buntings for low beam

When we just got the keys to the house, we wanted to cover the low beams with partition wall. But later decided we could use that little more space. We are glad we didn’t went ahead with the partition wall, look how pretty it looks with a little bunting hanging from the edges. These sweet buntings are made with the same EMMIE RAND fabric and a pink polka dots cotton.


Idea 03: Washi Tape Castle Wall Art

To fulfill the castle request from the girls, I’ve considered getting castle wall stickers but decided to turn to washi tape instead for something more subtle and unique.

Using a cut-out triangle as a template, we drew out the shapes on the wall with white chalk and fill in the triangles with washi tape.


Our castle on the wall.

Idea 04: Malinda seat cushions for the FJELLSE Bed frame

Malinda Seat Cushions. $9.90.

We love Malinda seat cushions, in fact we have 4 dark blue ones for our chairs in the dinning room. But with a little creativity, these comfy cushions are great for the bedroom too.

20160706_110114Adding Malinda seat cushions to FJELLSE Bed frame. FJELLSE Bed frame, $39.

You could sew on some colourful buttons to further decorate the cushions.

Idea 05: Fabric Strips for organising accessories


No more fishing in a box for their bows and hair bands, this little fabric strip added to the STUVA wardrobe have them all sorted out.  And it’s so easy to make. Just sew a straight length of cloth, at a snap button to one end and velcro to the other. Then stick the top end of the strip to the back of the wardrobe.

And we that, we completed our room revamp project. Not too tough, really!

Here’s Renee enjoying a good read in the comfort of her new room. :)


3 thoughts on “Girls’ Room – Revamped with IKEA

  1. Love the room revamp! It looks so princessy and inviting without being too pinkish! It has never occurred to me to jazz up the cushions with buttons and use them to pair with the bed frame. The washi tape art on the bedroom wall is ingenuous too. Two thumbs up Diana!

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