Family Photo Shoot 2016


I have been hunting around for a good bargain to capture the Emmanuel’s babyhood. A spree opportunity came about t hrough a friend and so I hopped on to the bandwagon and got a good deal with our favourite photo studio, StudioPlay.  I intended to get this shoot done before he turned one, but somehow it didnt happen and as usual procrastination got the better of me… and we finally got the shoots done when manny was 16mo.  StudioPlay encourages siblings and parents to join in the shoots, hence package includes siblings and family photos. Given my aunty bargain character… how to say not to such an offer right? The results – we ended up with more sibling photos then individual shoots for Manny. Hurhur.

We first got to know studioplay at a baby fair when renee was little, and they did Renee’s photoshoot when she was 6mos. They were known as Sean Lau Photography then.

The girls, then. Shanice was 2 and Renee was 6mo.
They girls, now. Shanice is 9 yo and Renee 7yo.  Shanice was wearing an arm cast during the shoot, hence her left arm is hidden in all the photo
“Smile, meimei! I know my cast tickles your back!”
My happy brood of 4.
And now, we have 4!



Family Photo

Renee and the BIG bear.
Manny and the BIG bear

imuq8262 imuq8275 imuq8292

Manny, 16mo.

imuq8152 imuq8188 imuq8211

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