What are your SuperMum powers?


This is a picture of our family according to Shanice, our eldest girl who recently turned nine. Shanice is a huge fan of the THUNDERMANS serial on TV and here’s a version of our very own Super Family.

It is rather amusing to see that we all have interesting powers, like how Manny would scream the house down with his sonic screams and wails when things don’t go his way, how Nat could disappear in a wink at super speed(quite a horror especially in malls and parks!), Daddy who could kill any cockroaches instantly with super strength (and a rolled up magazine), Renee being able to see through my emotions, and how Shanice could send hails or warmth our way with her words. But me and electricity? Frankly, I am not sure. In fact, with Manny still nursing and waking up a couple of times through the night, I struggles with little sleep everyday. After a day of work in the office, I am more often than not, flat out by the time the action starts at home in the evening. Nonetheless, it was heart warming to know that she could relate me with something so positive. I mean… hey, electricity is very important, right? If only I had unlimited electricity (and energy) to power me up for all the roles I play as a mum.

Given the multiple roles today’s mums play at home and at work, one could really use some super powers. In fact, the daily routines and demands of mothering does somehow bring out the super hero in us. What are some of the super powers you can identify with?

Ultrasonic Lie Detecting

The awkward moment when you look at your child in the eye and repeat your question again s-l-o-w-l-y. Yup that is when the detection takes place. Like how I always know if Nat had indeed brushed his teeth. Sometimes, I’d check the toothbrush (to see if it’s wet!) before checking on Nat. aha!

It’s a daily ordeal to get little Nat to brush his teeth, so I am very glad that Darlie Double Action MultiCare allows him to reap multi benefits with every brush.

Instant Milk Producing

The moment you offer your nipple to a cranky baby and poooof! *Silence* Whatever nutrients that are present in breast milk, there must be some magic potion. And by the plain fact that you produce milk? How cool is that!

Manny sleeping soundly after his milk feed.

Homework Speed Checking

Have a schooling kid? Then you must be familiar with this. My job requires me to proof-read and check website content, so I am pretty much trained for speed-reading. But checking kids’ homework is a different ball game, especially primary school maths, sometimes it frustrates me just looking at the table and units. So yay, it’s a task that requires supernatural (and perseverance).

O, and have I mentioned weekly spelling tests? *


So your kid drove you up the wall, you are jumping mad and then the little one look you in the eye with those weepy puppy eyes and plant a kiss on your cheek… you instantly drop your grudges and rockets up to cloud nine then to the moon and back to reality. You probably go through this teleporting experience over and over again in the span of a day.

I was feeling low hence went out for a walk… came home to this lovely note and it totally made me smile.

Remote Intelligence

“So baby, tell me how was your day in school?”
You listened attentively… while your mind absorbed in the incident you read of in the parents’ whatsapp group. You asked strategic and retrospective questions (while gently patting your child’s lap), just to be very sure that the “that kid” who ran around the kindergarten with his pants down isn’t yours. 

Weather Alternating

You know, we mums are really powerful, and often we discount ourselves of that. While we often talk about how reliant we are on our kids’ behaviour to help pull through the demands of the day, our kids look to us for assurance and solutions in this crazy world that often don’t make sense. We can turn a little frown into giggles with tickles and cuddles, turn a gloomy day into sheer fun playing hide and seek at home, chase the clouds away and dust off the cares of the world outside for the little ones by creating a safe and secure haven in our homes. We can because we are mothers.

Here’s my super family in real life.

What are some of the powers of a SuperMum you know?

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Full Disclosure:
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