Happy Time at Happy Park Waterway Point 


happy park waterway point

Have you been to the brand new water playground at Waterway point! It’s fun, it’s wet and best of all – it’s FREE! *Somebody scream!*

The kids have been looking forward to the completion of the playground since the opening of the mall. Hence when we saw that the playground is ready, we made a point to wake up early on Saturday, head over to WWP for breakfast and waited with a small crowd of anticipating kids at the entrance of the playground for it to open  at 10.30am! The kids screamed in excitment when the doors were opened!

There are both wet and dry play areas in the roof top playground.

The dry area is made out of mostly tunnels, slides and swings.

Chiong ah!
Up, up, up we go…
and down the slide!

The wet area is where all the splishy and splashy fun begins! Just looks at these happy faces. I guess we will be coming back for more soon.

Basic showering facility beside the playground.

Heading down to Happy Park? Here are some handy points to note:

1. The play facility is open daily from 10.30am to 7pm.

2. No footwear is allowed in the play area.

3. The playground is designed for kids 2 to 12 yo.

4. There is basic washing facility-  1 room, and a few taps and basin in the open washing area. So expect to wait a little (or longer).

5. Bring towels! And spare towels if you can. So if you ran out of patience waiting to use the small shower facility, wrap your kid up and head for the common toilets in the mall.

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