Quick Ribbon Bookbinder Craft 

It’s been a while since I last blogged. In fact, I couldn’t remember my wordpress password and had to reset it to create this post. Every now and then, a friend or my kid would remind of my blog and how i used to love crafting and blogging. I still do, every much love to share more crafty ideas here but I’ve been mostly on survival mode since I returned to the workforce. 4 kids and a job, is really quite a lot for me so blogging, along with the FB page and the striving sewing business had to take a back seat.

Not sure what got into me today. Maybe it’s the pented up guilt of not crafting with the girls for a while – something which my girls really enjoy but have been a huge challenge for me with a needy toddler at home and a hectic job in the day. Since today’s a holiday, i thought it would be good to do a quick project with the girls that wont mess up the house and help me use up my ribbon supplies (which have been sitting there for a year since i havent been taking in new sewing orders!).  

Tadahhh! The product of our crafting session today. These pretty bows are not just pleasing to the eye, they are pretty functional too. 

They make great bookbinders and can mark pages too. 

Loop them up and they look great as hair bands to keep hair from your face while you enjoy a good read. 

Here’s all you need to know to get it done:

1. Cut out 3 equal lenghts of ribbon. 

2. Fold in the sides of the ribbons and pin them in the middle. Ensure all 3 pieces are of equal lenght. 

3. Gather the width of the ribbons in the following fashion. Stacking them together before binding them with a longer lenght of ribbon.

4.  Move on to the other end of the binder, fold in about 2cm lenght before stitching. Loop in an elastic band and we are done! 

This activity requires basic stitching, hence it is recommended for 8yo and above. Your child may require your help with folding and binding of ribbons – those steps are a little tricky. All in, you will need about 30mins to 40mins depending on how quick are your hands :).

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