We are 7, 5 and 3 years old and we keep our mum well occupied, so please bear with her if she’s a tad late at replying her emails ( She is more responsive on social media platforms, so if you want a quick reply from her, FB is the best channel. Our FB page is

This is our mum.



She is currently pregnant with our family’s latest addition (we call him Peanut for now). Please also bear with her if she’s a little cranky in the morning (not a morning person, not without coffee) and doesn’t always pick up your calls in the afternoon (she works part-time too). She may not always wear a smile (unless she is out painting or working at an event) but she is a nice person, you can trust us :)

Because of our mum’s jam-packed schedule, we are currently not accepting advertorial or sponsorship offers, unless it’s something that we (and/or our mum) need now.

Here’s the list:

  • Newborn products and services (for Peanut. Popping out in Jan 2015)
  • Maternity and Post-Natal products and services (for our mum)
  • Toys and Good Reads (for US! )
  • Children Activities/Events (we love free play!)

If you have something interesting for us, please contact our mum at


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