A night at SGH


So hub was back from reservist yesterday. I thought we can finally have some quality time together after a week apart and we did… albeit in the hospital. Hub had a nasty backache (rather the backache turned nasty) which numbed his fingers tips during dinner with my inlaws. My inlaws then got worried and we figured its better to go to A&E just in case. 

The plan then was to send the kids home then have my inlaws drive Sam to TTH. We live in punggol and so TTH is the nearest.  However, my father inlaw missed the exit to PIE and we landed in city so… must as well go to SGH. Hub would prefer my company (yay!) and so being the sweet wifey, I’ve stayed back in the hospital with him while my inlaw drove home to help mind the kids. I was first worried then restless and after a good 3 hours of pacing around, hijacking a few power points round the waiting area to charge my phone, talking to nurses, receptionists and doctor, lingering round the observation ward and then being told by the nurses to leave and wait outside, I figured I better do something to keep my mind occupied hence blogging in SGH now at this unearthly hour.

 The diagnosis was muscle injury that caused swelling and some numbness. Very thankful that it wasn’t mild stroke or other more nasty stuffs. Got a referral to the orthopedic to check his spine. Treatment prescribed was painkiller. He would also be given some med to protect the nerves so the numbness should go away after a few weeks of med. I asked for possible cure and was told that it will recover on its own. BUT hub had the injury months ago and it only got worse, not better. We asked if he could continue to carry weight or exercise and he said yes. In other words no exemption or downgrade. SERIOUSLY. I may not have a med degree but it seems to make no sense. If an injury was given time to heal but only got worse with physical strain, how could we trust that it would get better with more time. By then, I was feeling rather irritated. But what took the cake was when the nurses weren’t aware that my hub was prescribed with another injection until I walked up to them…They had to check the system to find the doctor’s prescription! !! I know la, this is public hospital but we paid a good 99 bucks (exclude non standard procedures and medication) to be here, not too much to ask for a better service right? Also, doctor, just in case you were wondering. We are not here to chao geng. Not at this hour. And especially not after he had already did his reservice for the year. Still, thanks for the referral. Let’s hope the specialist is able to fix this.

 Okay. Done whining and back to SGH. .. still waiting and now, kinda worried bout the final bill :(( Ending the post here as my mobile is running out of batt. Again.

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