Looking forward to the end of work week


In the bus. Relishing the tenderness in Meimei’s eyes when she gave these to me at the childcare this morning. “This is for didi, this is for you and this is for jiejie”. ;D I am just so glad it’s Friday and we can soon spend our precious weekend together 😉

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5 thoughts on “Looking forward to the end of work week

  1. How sweet…those little papers are such treasures! My children are home for a school holiday today so I am with you on starting the weekend fun!

    1. Hello Marty,
      Thank you for dropping by my blog ;D Yes. I actually tried to collect these little treasure but they soon became too many for storage, so I started to take photos of them least I have to throw them away someday. I popped over your blog just now. What a beautiful blog you’ve got! I’ve to add you to my reading list least I miss anything. Have a lovely weekend!

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