To do or not to do -ballet

Jiejie started ballet at 3 and since, Renee has been looking forward to her turn. She would mingle with the girls in Jiejie’s class before lesson time and often refuse to leave the studio. The entry age for ballet lesson was 2.5 and Renee was still too young. We’d counted down to the day when Renee turned 2.5 and immediately signed her up for classes.
I remember the delight on her face when she first wore her pink leotard and ballet shoes. But when the teacher introduced her to her class, she backed up. Insisting to be in the same class as her elder sister, little Renee would not enter the studio without some drama. We struggled through tears, bargains and tight-hugging. Today, Renee would obediently go for her classes. However, she had expressed her dislike for ballet and had requested to stop.
Having gone through a year of crying, whining and finally seeing her learning and coping, it isn’t an easy decision for us. We are not sure if little Renee is indeed uninterested, or just going through a phase  of learning. Both Sam and I are on the fence… We really don’t know what is the best.

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