[Service Review] Marie France Bodyline – Out-tough the fats!


It seemed like the entire cosmos had ganged up together against me the moment I declared my intention to loss weight. Suddenly, there was this dinner gathering over weekend and that wedding banquet the week after. Even the annoying credit card company who had only been sending me bills, decided to send me dining vouchers for a change. What luck!

Just when I was almost convinced that it must be some divine sign or approval to live chubbily-ever-after… Marie France came to the rescue! Aha! I’ve been selected for a free trial at Marie France Bodyline. Bless you, OMY! You did good! Keekee.

There I was, at Tampines Branch, keen and ready for my first experience with Marie France. Nothing shy to what I was expecting, the place is Atas. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door, hoping silently that I wasn’t too shabbily dressed for the occasion.

Warm smiles greeted me as I was led to the consultation room. Xin Xiu, the Nutritionist, a lean and lovely lady walked in shortly after I’ve settled down. We chatted about eating habits, how I blew up like a balloon after pregnancies (about 30kg!) and my roller coaster attempts to loss weight. She gave me some practical suggestions on diet choices and encouraged me to make realistic and achievable goals. After about 20 mins… I think I was either convinced or conditioned to her advocacy for healthy eating. LOL.

After nutrition advice, it was time to meet the consultant, Anna. Anna took my measurements and explained to me the treatments, processes and benefits. My trial included 2 treatments; Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment and Contour Sculpt Body System.

She took my weight and BMI too! My BMI was 32.5 (OMG!) and my body fat percentage was 49.7% (half of me is erm.. fat cells!!!). She gave me this receipt-looking ticket report with many numbers in it, which I have decided not to show it here. I’ve lost it and would burn it if I find it!

Moving on, it’s time for some action! First stop, to the treatment room. 
I changed into the kimono and squeezed into the paper panty provided. The folks at Marie France were very observant, they checked if I needed a bigger size and offered a pair of disposable thongs. But erm,  I’d rather squeeze a little. *blush*

Me, all ready to kiss my flabby goodbye.
Lockers are provided for customers to store their belongings. 
Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment (ISS)
The ISS is highly recommended for treating:
1.  Front and back thighs
2.  Thighs and calves
3.  Front and back upper arms
4. Love Handles (My pick!)

To target at my love handles, I was told to lay face down for the treatment. The treatment procedures follows:
1. Cleansing: Targeted areas were cleansed with a warm towel
2. Machine operated procedure:  Intelect mobile ultrasound with serum mixture for 9 minutes each side. 
It has a minty sensation to it. 
This is the Intelect mobile ultrasound machine.
It has a stick-like handle which is used to help 
eliminate stubborn fat deposits from undesirable spots
4.  Manual Massage with Anti Cellulite serum for 20 minutes (SHIOK!)
5.   FMS wrap on treated areas for 20 minutes 
This is the FMS wrap. It was wrapped around my entire tummy area.
Usually, an average size lady would require about 3 rolls of wrap. I, however, used up 5 rolls!!! 

I was about to leave the treatment room to proceed to a the waiting room, when I noticed that my locker key is missing!!! Thanks to my amazing blur powers, I misplaced my key and got the entire parlour busy hunting for it. Instead of resting in the waiting room, which I was requested to do so (these folks are way too kind lah). I ran around the parlour in my kimono tracing my steps only to find out later that the key was erm… in my dress pocket. Super paiseh

Contour Sculpt Body System (CSBS)
After the FMS wrap, it was time for another wrap. This time around, it was a plastic wrap.

If you are wondering if this can be done with kitchen cling wraps (like I did)… The answer is, NO. 
According to the folks at Marie France, the solution used for the wrap is infused with their signature potent plant and mineral blend. The compression of Wrap helps to get rid of impurities and fatty acids through the process of lymphatic drainage.  I was told that the CSBS also helps to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretions, and improve skin’s elasticity over time. Good stuff!
What would it cost?
Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment (ISS) – S$2,000 for 20 sessions. Per session is about 45 minutes
Contour Sculpt Body System (CSBS) – S$1,390 for 15 sessions. Per session is about 45 to 60 minutes. You need to be in the wrap for 25 minutes. 

Now, before you walk away or break your piggy bank, why not consider the following offers from the friendly folks at Marie France. Hurry now, the following e-vouchers are valid till 27 April 2013 only. 

Terms and Conditions:
  • E-Vouchers are valid till 27 April 2013 only.
  • Please present E-Voucher and valid ID for purchase. 
  • Each offer may only be redeemed once. (Please drop me a comment if you have redeemed any of the E-Vouchers, so that I can put up a note to prevent disappointments.)
  • Valid for first time customers 18 years and above.
  • Offer is not transferable and cannot be redeemed with other promotions or vouchers.
  • Appointment required, call 1800-7777-111.
VERY IMPORTANT Disclosure: ISS and CSBS treatments were provided by Marie France Bodyline for review. All opinions are my own. Absolutely, no monetary compensation was received. I do not receive any commission from Marie France for any sales made from the purchase of the above E-Vouchers.

For more information regarding ISS and CSBS, please visit their website or Facebook Page.

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