Teach yourself: Hair styling for little girls – Princess Style

I love make-pretend games. It’s fun, easy on the pocket and gives me an opportunity to enter into my kids’ imaginary world. Child play is no trivial matter, children learn through play and play takes a message beyond the books, to where lessons cannot reach. In a child’s imagination, anyone could be a princess, any dress could be a gown and anywhere could be a castle, even the sky is not the limit. 
If you have a little princess at home who enjoys playing dress-up. Here’s a fun activity you can try it out at home. We played Royal Mama Salon this afternoon and here’s the result – my pretty little princess in her comfy cotton dress and princess style hair. 
Keen to try out this hair style yourself? Here’s the step-by-step guide.
Part hair in the center and braid the top hair of her hair for both sides. 
Tie braided hair together in the middle. 
Part bottom half into 2 and lift it up above the knot… 
… and tie. 
Tuck the top knot under the braided hair. 
Finish off with pretty ribbons to cover the rubber bands.  
Here’s my very satisfied customer.
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