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It’s been a while since Jiejie and I had an one-to-one outing together. Jiejie’s a craft lover, so when we saw Canon’s Workshop advertised on OMY website (she likes to sit beside me when I blog or surf around), we immediately signed up for it.

I was so glad to get a place for the workshop. I couldn’t imagine disappointing my little girl as she has been looking forward to it. Jiejie in fact had the whole itinerary planned. She wanted to take a train (daddy’s car won’t cut) to the workshop, after which we would have tea together at coffee bean before proceeding to granny’s for dinner. Sounded good to me ;D

Me and my baby on the mrt.
She’s been looking forward to this outing since the day I told her about it.
Craft materials provided by Canon
Love the little cut-out doll.
Ice-breakers for the kids. Silver and Joanne were such great hosts. Joanne especially was really good with kids.
Happily cutting away
We got 3 prints of our choice.
Tea break after the 1st craft session.
Making name tag
Here’s what we made at the workshop yesterday.
Passport holder and name tag
My little princess walking down the stairs. LOL
Showing off her goodie bag.
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