Hong Kong(Part 2): Dreams come true

Finally, it was the highlight of our trip to Hong Kong – Disney Land! 
On board the Disney MTR
We woke up slightly later than scheduled as everyone overslept. After a quick breakfast at one of the little local cafe (cha chan teng), we took the MTR from Jordon Station to Sunny Bay, then transited to the Disney train to Disney Land. 

Honestly, I was quite disappointed. I thought it would be more than just mickey mouse windows, mickey mouse handles and bronze statues of Disney’s characters. I was expecting something more colourful and cheery… Still, the kids seemed happy so I kept my peace. 
“Say cheese!”

The entrance to Disneyland was just outside the MTR exit. I felt like a little child as I walked down the lane that led us to the Palace. There were balloons, lovely little shops, push carts stores and children, lots of adorable and excited children walking and jumping.

The girls were thrilled to see the band of soldiers and the grand palace behind. By the way, that’s the palace of Aurora, the Sleeping Princess.

First things first, we rented a stroller for meimei. There is no way I could carry her for the entire day. 
Stroller and Wheelchair rental kiosk.
Cost for the entire day as shown in the photo. A 100HKD deposit is required on top of the rental cost. 
The first agenda they had on their list was not the rides, not even the photo-taking with their favourite princess. It was to get their own gown for the ball (of a time). I was reluctant to oblige to their request, but I couldn’t be disappointing them. After all, didn’t we traveled the distance to be there for the Disneyland Princess experience? So, I bought a gown for each of them, but we had an agreement and that was no more request for other purchases for the rest of the trip.
Guess how much these pretty little dresses cost?
About 500HKD each! Ouch! x 2 

After, the princesses were properly dressed, they were then ready to go into the sun for some fun. Isn’t it amusing that the endurance to suffer for the sake of beauty would start so young. They happily and willing went under the sun with 2 layers of clothes. No complains, because princesses don’t do such things. I almost burst out laughing when they tried to walk in an overly prim and proper, in their opinion, princessy manner.

Queuing for rides. 
Cinderella Carousel.
Well, the princess would need her white horse
Jumbe flew up…
… Jumbo flew down
Lunch at the Banquet Hall. 
Disney Princesses at the Parade.
My personal favourite, Lilo and Stitch
Buzz Lightyear and friends from Toy Story.
High Five!
Photo-taking with Tinkle
Queuing for 3D show.
Not a fan, really. It gave me headaches. 
Princess strolling in the park. 
I am really bad with names. What is his name again? Was it Springy Dog? Hummm…
On board the springy or something dog
This is one of our favourite ride. You get to control the speed and direction.
Jiejie took me on a rough journey though. We were just glad that the car behind was much slower and the car in front was none other than Daddy and meimei. LOL

We ended the day at Disneyland watching the fireworks show. It was lovely with music, stories and beautiful fireworks darting into the sky above the Sleeping Beauty’s Palace. Couldn’t take a proper photo of it as I was carrying Meimei while answering all her question about who was living in the palace, why ain’t Sleeping Beauty out having fun too, if Cinderella lived there too…

Our last stop at the souvenir store near the exit. By then, meimei was asleep and jiejie was checking on her.
I bought this snow globe to add to my collection. I wanted it the moment my eyes set upon it. It reminded me of my little boy, who was not there with us. 
The next time we visit Disney Land, I want to bring him along. Maybe we should aim to go to the one in Japan in 2 years time. ;D
Stay tuned for more on our trip to Hong Kong. 

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