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 Let not technology come in between! The children are only growing up, once.

I was chatting with and old friend on Facebook recently, when she inquired on my rates for adobe illustrator tuition. It came as a surprise as rarely anyone I know would invest in classes for illustrator. Most people are more interested in Photoshop.

Out of curiosity and to make sure that she is learning when she needs, I probed further to find out her objectives. It turned out that she was trying to illustrate her first children music book… Wow! I thought to myself,  how very ambitious and courageous to attempt on a 50 pager for a beginner. I am excited – for her project, and for mine. You see, I’ve got an idea *light bulb blinking* – I  am going to write and illustrate my own children story book.

Now, the logical mind of mine is asking, “Who’s going to read it? You sure you can find a publisher?!”
Well, I don’t know. But I won’t know till I give it a shot. Besides, I’ve already got half the battle won – my kids will read it. I’ll see to it. Haha!

What am I going to write and when will it be ready? I don’t know for sure yet. Meanwhile,  I am brainstorming and doodling along the way. I’ll showcase some of the better sketches here in my blog. I guess you can consider them sneak previews to the new book.

If you are a publisher and would like to look into how we can work together,  please contact me here.

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