Project weight loss – Updates

It’s been a while since I made known  my intention to loss weight on this blog. Tracking back, it was 8 March when I penned it down. Here’s reviewing my progress.  I am happy to report that I have lost a good 6kg so far *hip hip Horray!*
What worked so far: 

Walking more
Thanks to my new work arrangement, the journey btw home and office requires me to walk a lot more than before. Sometimes running btw NEL to CL is absolutely necessary since punctuality is dealt seriously in my new vocation. (Nope, you did not hear me sneering. Ha)
Eating less and working more
Also crediting it to my not-so-new job, my crazy schedule and mission almost impossible datelines. I now no longer feel hunger at work. I used to snack a lot when stressed up. Now, I am beyond. Lunch is but another opportunity to catch up on emails in between meetings.
What did not work so well:
Weighting myself too often. It’s Demoralising, with the capital “D”. My weighting machine broke down some time last month. Guess it’s done with it!
What’s next?
I am gearing towards the next 5kg lose. Wish me well!

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