Imagination takes flight at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013!

We were at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013 @Changi Airport T3 yesterday. It was Super FUN (in caps) for the kids. Especially for the little boy- he wouldn’t leave without a fight!
The kids get to make their own paper aeroplanes. and run around (yup, cos it ain’t long enough to run along, much) the runway with their paper aeroplanes!
taking off…
… still taking off. 😉
Though the little boy did not know the rules to aeroplane chess, he probably had the most fun out of moving the blocks around, disrupting the game and building towers out of them! 

Couldn’t beat her brother, Meimei joined the little boy to build a tall tower right in the middle of the board!

Jiejie helped to fix the picture challenge. It turned out to be an image of the control tower.

The kids wanting to join in the Singapore Memory Project.

“I want a card too!”

Jiejie attempting to write. 

 Grabbed a copy of the brochure as I haven’t got much time to go through the exhibits in detail that day – the kids kept me busy =)

We started with fun time at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013, followed by  fuss time – trying to get the little boy to leave, and ended with nap time- the tired little boy was fast asleep shortly we left the exhibition for some shopping 😉

The little one asleep in the stroller with his make-shift pillow ;D
The loaf of bread was just the right fit to keep his head up. LOLx.

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