Meimei is 4! (aka princess moments)


About 2 weeks ago, we celebrated Meimei’s 4th Birthday!
And, I am (only) going to blog about it today ;D
Yes, today. Today, ‘cos I’ve finally recovered(okay, almost recovered) from what seems like an earthquake in my life. Now, never mind the battles that were over, here’s the colourful memories of what matters more.

Celebrating birthday at grandparents’ house

With baby brother and elder sis 
Princess themed cupcakes for her royal highness ;D

Celebrating with paternal grandparents

Homemade chocolate cake with marshmallow toppings.
With Nainai and our helper
Our family
cheesy pasta for dinner

Mini Party at School

We started the day with hello kitty and friends (unknown characters, so we shall call them friends for now) breakfast before Meimei heads to school.
I spent the morning baking yet another batch of  princess themed cupcakes. 
It was mini party after nap time! She was all dressed up in her favourite princess dress and tiara when we arrived with cupcakes and the rest of the works. 

Princess’ Day Out

Fun time at the mall
Daddy’s little girl
durian snow is so cooollllddddd
Dinner date with our princess

at the ship
Loving her little bouquet 
more cake! 
yup, and we had more cake at home that night ;D

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