Teachers’ Day Gift Project – Coloured Pasta Bracelet


If you’ve read my post on our visit to Eat.Play.Love, you would have seen those brightly coloured, threaded pasta necklaces on a mannequin in one of the pictures. They were beautiful, and so easy to put together for young children. I thought to myself then, how great it would be if I could make some myself! We could have plenty of fun with them at home too. Convinced that google has (almost) all the answers, I googled around and true enough, there were a few methods to it.

Here’s what we’ve arrived at with the information gathered from a few sites:

Jiejie made these for her teachers for Teachers’ Day :)

You will need:

  • Hollow pasta (ie rigatoni. I wouldn’t recommend penne for young children as they sharpe edges )
  • Plastic bags (I prefer transparent ones, it’s more fun for the kids)
  • food colouring
  • hand sanitiser or vinegar (you can do without either if you have a day or 2 to wait for it to dry)
  • paper towel (absolute necessity, you’ll find out why along the way)
  • Ribbons or strings (pipe cleaners for younger children)
Here’s how it’s done:
1. Mix food colouring with hand sanitiser or vinegar in a plastic bag. I worked with the former as I had a big bottle at home and it was expiring :)
Meimei looking through a rigatoni
2. Add in pasta and fasten the plastic bag.
3. Here’s the fun part, SHAKE!
4. Leave them to stand for about half an hour.
We made 4 colours of the kids’ choice
5. Pour out pasta on sheets of kitchen towels and let it dry for an hour or so. It might take a day to dry if you worked without alcohol (hand sanitiser) or vinegar.
6. Put dry pasta into containers and we are all set for some fun time threading them up.
For necklaces, work with a length of ribbon or string.
Meimei and her necklace.

For bracelets, work with either pipe cleaners, ribbons or strings.
I would highly recommend pipe cleaners for younger children as they are easier to work with.

The little boy working with pipe cleaner.

Crafting with children has always been full of surprises. I’d expect them to enjoy threading the pasta, and they did, for a while. What was refreshing and fun for them was the process of dying the pasta. I guess we just can’t do without the mess sometimes. :)

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