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The girls were into cards making lately. They enjoy making little cards and notes for everyone they love – daddy, mommy, grandparents, friends and our little neighbour who is only a few months old. One of their favourite after nap activities is to deliver the little cards they made to our neighbour.

“Can we play postman?”, they would ask every so often, which got me worried that the constant pressing of door bell at my neighbour’s door might wake the baby up during her day-time naps. We have the best neighbour one can wish for; the couple adore the kids and never said no to a mail delivery, and the kids often came home with goodies in exchange.

I was chit chatting with my neighbour one day when she casually bought up they it would be fun to have a little postbox at her door for the kids to drop off their mails *light bulb*. “What a great ideal!”, I thought. And a postbox was what me made out of an old shoebox!

Here’s sharing how it’s done:

You will need:

  • 1 shoebox
  • 1 thick A4 paper
  • some fancy paper (for letter cut-outs)
  • some paint
  • glue 
  • string or ribbon

Step 1: Cut a horizontal silt in the center of the shoe box (on the back side of the box) and paint the box into your desired colour.

Step 2: Make a handle by cutting a small slit on both sides of the box and slot in a length of ribbon or string. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon/string. 

Step 3: Stick one side of the thick paper onto the lid of the shoe box, and the other side onto the top of the painted side.

Step 4: Cut-out letters to form words of your choice and stick them on to the top flap.

Now we are ready to hang it on our neighbour’s gate. :)

Hello little Postman!
Mail delivery! 

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